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Sunflower Package

Sunflower Package

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Bridal Bouquet

Includes:  1 Brides Bouquet, 1 Bridesmaid Bouquet, 1 Junior Bridesmaid Bouquet, 1 Mens Boutonniere (Option 1), 2 Mens Boutonnieres (Option 2)

You can add other items to this package if required 

Donít need the entire package Ė build your own CLICK HERE

6 Piece Package Price


Maid of Honor

This matching bouquet is an 10 inch hand held bouquet with sunflowers

The bouquets are pictured with a Davids Bridal Horizon bridesmaid dress




This matching bouquet is a 8 inch bouquet with sunflowers.



Junior Bridesmaid

This matching bouquet is a 6 inch bouquet is made with sunflowers.



Men's Flowers Option 1

This matching boutonniere contains 1 large sunflower and stem wrapped in ribbon



Men's Flowers Option 2

This matching boutonniere contains 1 small sunflower and stem wrapped in ribbon



Wrist Corsage

This is a matching corsage with 1 small sunflower and bow with jewel accented in the center on pearl wrist band




Matching table centerpiece ready to place in the center of any reception table designed in a 6 inch high container wrapped in co-ordinating ribbon



Sample Bouquet

Can't decide?
Order a sample here

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This collection only comes in the colors shown.  If you would like to get a bouquet similar to this one, however with different colors, or customized in anyway.  Please request a custom quote, or email us with the changes you would like to make to get prices at info@budget-bride.com

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