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Precious Collection
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Precious Collection

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Precious  Collection


This package includes the following:


1 Bridal Bouquet - as shown in the picture above
1 Maid of Honor Bouquet - that will match the bridal bouquet, same flowers, same colors

1 Grooms Boutonniere - double rose boutonniere that matches the Bridal Bouquet

1 Best Man Boutonniere - single rose boutonniere that matches the Maid of Honor Bouquet
1 Throw Bouquet


Additional items can be added to your order


    Maid of Honor Bouquets - $55.00
    Bridesmaids Bouquets - $40.00 each
    Extra Boutonnieres - $3.50 each
    Wrist Corsages - $9.00 each

    Reception Table Centerpieces - $30.00 each


All items that you order in the Collection will match.


This bridal bouquet is a stunning artificial handheld wedding bouquet with magnolias accented wit bouvardia, white roses and frosted greenery.   This bouquet handles are pictured in the gallery.  The Brides Bouquet will have a band of ribbon around the handle accented with a large crystal brooch.  You get to choose the color of the band of ribbon.  The Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids will also have a band of ribbon with a round crystal brooch.

This bouquet is approx 10 inches round.  The Maid of Honor Bouquet is approx 7 inches round, and the Bridesmaids Bouquets are approx 5 inches

The wrist corsages are pictured in the gallery, they are a single open rose accented with ribbons and attached to a pearl band that can be worn on a wrist.


The matching reception table centerpieces will be round bouquets made and ready to use that are suitable for tables that will seat 8 - 10 people.  The table centerpieces will match the rest of the collection.

If you are interested in getting a sample of this bouquet before you purchase the entire collection, samples are available for only $25.  Just scroll down on this page to order a sample bouquet.


The bridal bouquet is available for purchase on its own, just scroll down on the page you will find a link to just the bridal bouquet.


This collection only comes in the colors shown.  If you would like to get a bouquet similar to this one, however with different colors, or customized in anyway.  Please request a custom quote, or email us with the changes you would like to make to get prices at [email protected]


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