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How Packages Work


All of our packages come with:

    1 Brides Bouquet

    1 Maid of Honor Bouquet

    1 Throw Bouquet

    1 Grooms Boutonniere

    1 Bestman Boutonniere


You can add other items to the packages if you need - you can add extra bridesmaids bouquets, extra boutonnieres, and wrist corsages.  As well as table centerpieces for your reception.

All of the flowers are artificial.

All the flowers in your package will match the brides bouquet.  Of course, the bridal bouquet will be the largest of all the bouquets!  The measurements for the bouquet that you are interested in are listed in the description of the package.

All the packages are completed and ready to walk down the aisle with.



What if I do not like those flowers?

If you do not see anything on the website that you like, we offer custom made flowers.  If you find a picture on-line that you have fallen in love with - we will quote you a price to get that bouquet.
You can find the link for custom made bouquets on the left hand side.
If you see something on the website that you like - but need it in a different color - please just request a custom quote, explain to us what changes you would like and we will send you a link for the order.  You can also get a custom quote by emailing us at info@budget-bride.com