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Black n White Collection
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Black n White Collection

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Black n White Collection


This package includes the following:


1 Bridal Bouquet - as shown in the picture above

1 Maid of Honor Bouquet - that will match the bridal bouquet, same flowers, same colors

1 Grooms Boutonniere - double rose boutonniere that matches the Bridal Bouquet

1 Best Man Boutonniere - single rose boutonniere that matches the Maid of Honor Bouquet

1 Throw Bouquet


Additional items can be added to your order


    Extra Maid of Honor Bouquets - $65.00

    Bridesmaids Bouquets - $50.00 each

    Extra Boutonnieres - $3.50 each

    Wrist Corsages - $9.00 each

    Reception Table Centerpieces - $30.00 each - there will be no jewels, or rhinestones in the centerpieces - we can add them but it would be an additional charge.


All items that you order in the Collection will match.


As above a stunning artificial handheld wedding bouquet with white roses accented with jewels, black stephanotis with rhinestone centers and diamond centers in all the roses. If you are looking for a sparkly, glittery, blinging bouquet - this is the one!  The bridal bouquet comes with our signature Twisted Handle accented with striped black and white ribbon, accented with a jewel.  The bridal bouquet is the only bouquet with the Twisted Handle - the Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids bouquets will come with our standard handle as pictured in the gallery.


This brides bouquet is approximately 12 inches wide.  The Maid of Honor Bouquet is 9 inches round, and the Bridesmaids Bouquets are 6 inches.  The Maid of Honor bouquet will be accented with jewels, stephanotis with rhinestone centers and diamond centers in the roses, the Bridesmaids bouquets will not contain any jewels - only the stephanotis with rhinestone centers and the diamond centers in the roses.


The wrist corsages are pictured in the gallery, they are a single open rose accented with ribbons and attached to a pearl band that can be worn on a wrist.


The matching reception table centerpieces will be round bouquets made and ready to use that are suitable for tables that will seat 6 - 8 people.  The table centerpieces will match the rest of the collection.  There are no seashells in the table centerpieces.


If you are interested in getting a sample of this bouquet before you purchase the entire collection, samples are available for only $25 - the sample will not include the jewels they are too expensive to provide in the sample.  Just scroll down on this page to order a sample bouquet.


The bridal bouquet is available for purchase on its own, just scroll down on the page you will find a link to just the bridal bouquet.


This collection only comes in the colors shown.  If you would like to get a bouquet similar to this one, however with different colors, or customized in anyway.  Please request a custom quote, or email us with the changes you would like to make to get prices at info@budget-bride.com


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